Spirit Animal Analyzer  

There is a linguistic divide between those of us literate in respective disparate communication technologies. By acknowledging this divide and recognizing its causes it is possible for us to better understand one another. The Spirit Animal Analyzer uses data to place you within the spectrum defined by the linguistic model in Wait, What? and creates a visualization of your placement.

After receiving their Spirit Animal Analysis Verification Card, participants are asked to create a wearable button of their spirit animal, using the images and stickers provided, to foster communication between themselves and other participants.

Participants begin the process by taking a computer based survey in a program written in Processing. 

Once the survey is completed, a visual interpretation, represented as a spirit animal, of their results is printed out as an identification card. 

Participants then have the option to recreate their spirit animal using images, stickers and a pin maker.

Results are also uploaded to the blog spiritanimalanalyzer.tumblr.com whose live feed is projected at the time of presentation and accessible for future viewing. 

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